Mommy in the hospital

Mommy in the hospital

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twin B is coming

I started having contractions on June 9.  I was again so scared.  I was scared, but had a sense of peace because I just kept feeling that God has keep you for 10 more days and had given you some time to grow.

London Ahmir Griffin was born on June 11, 2008 weighing 1.5 1/2oz.  You were 12 1/4 inches  The nurses this time didn't let me see you before they wished you off to NICU.  That worried me.  So as I worried about London, I had to bury my mother child. Leaving the hospital it felt so weird.  I didn't have a baby to take with me home. So as we left the hospital in the hospital gown, me and dad had to make funeral arrangements.

Now I'm in the hospital trying to plan a funeral for my sweet baby Lauryn.  When tragedy happens you get so much inaccurate information. People were telling me that we did not have to have a funeral because Lauryn died in the hospital. Not true. If a baby takes a breath, then they are considered living and we were responsible. I didn't really care, because it was my child and I wanted her to be recognized as a living being. Which she was.. a person.  We had her funeral and lifted off pink balloons in her honor.

My mind was everywhere. On Lauryn and the birth of my son.  I felt like I didnt have time to grieve Lauryn's death because I had to ensure my other child would survive.  So now my time in the NICU begun....

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